Welcome to the world of Rewind Workshop

Rewind Workshop develops and designs furniture for creative and open minded people interested in different styles but always using high quality materials and talented worksmanship

Rewind Workshop's ambiton is to offer a great variety of materials and combinations thus allowing our creative customers to develop their own unique stories


There are endless stories to be told and things evolve over time. At the moment Rewind Workshop is especially interested in 4 major stories

·       Japandi – a keen focus on the natural beauty of the wood and only modifying to allow everyday functionality

·       Skandi – Light functional designs using a minimum of materials

·       Midcentury – Light functional designs highlighting brilliant workmanship and beautiful materials with a nod to the great designers of the 50’s

·       Eclectic – The zone with no rules mixing recycled materials and new materials in a wonderful explosion of styles and colours


When you only use good materials and use good processes you will end of up with really nice products. The starting point for all our designs is the great materials.

For production in Europe we are focused on solid oak, solid ash, solid pine often in combination with steel. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find reclaimed oak which we just love to turn into magnificent design

Our production in Vietnam is focused on recycled wood and oak veneer. We like to combine the 2 types of materials and will often try to add metal, marble and glass

Product Groups

Rewind Workshop is in general focused on furniture for

Dining Room – Dining tables, Chairs, Sideboards, Vitrines, Shelves, Wine Racks

Living Room – Coffee Tables, Sidetables, Console Tables, TV Lowboards, Vitrines, Bar cabinets

Kitchen – Buffets, Shelves, Wall Cabinets, Trolleys


Our products are distributed to leading retailers in Europe from our warehouse in Denmark or directly in larger quantities from our production in Vietnam, Romania, Ukraine or Bosnia-Hercegovina


Contact Details Denmark
Åbyvej 138B, 8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark
email: sales@rewindworkshop.com
Phone: +45 42 36 40 31