Welcome to the world of Rewind Workshop

Rewind Workshop is a Danish furniture company with a focus on enjoyment. Rewind Workshop was established during a great meal at the famous restaurant The Brick in Vietnam. At the The Brick they have a special ability to mix recycled materials and objects with new light designs in an almost Scandinavian or Japanese tradition


It’s the ambition of Rewind Workshop to bring recycled and upcycled materials together with new sustainable materials and developing an inspiring range of furniture and objects allowing our customers to create their own tales and stories

 Since the recycled and the new sustainable materials are offering individual and unique characteristics Rewind Workshop is offering two distinct styles. A rough industrial style with loads of character and a lighter more refined Scandinavian style. At first impression they are opposites, but by mixing the two each will empower the other

Porto Coffe Table using reclaimed wood and black metal

Tables, Chairs and Storage for Living, Dining and Kitchen

Because we love restaurants, bistros, cafe etc so much our collections are focused on furniture related to food and dining. From furniture for the kitchen, to the dining room all the way to the relaxing after dinner lounge

The production is primarily taking place in Nha Trang in Vietnam, but is also being supplemented by workshops in Denmark, Poland and Portugal. We always use recycled materials whenever possible but sometimes the story require something else and we use the most sustainable materials possible

Contact Details Denmark
Åbyvej 138B, 8230 Åbyhøj, Denmark
email: sales@rewindworkshop.com
Phone: +45 42 36 40 31

Contact Details Vietnam
Zen Place, District 1, Nha Trang, Vietnam
email: shipping@rewindworkshop.com 
Phone: +84 931 455 159

Specialised in recycled materials for everlasting designs